How does the photobook mentoring work?

I work 1:1 with photographers at my NW London Envisage Books studio. Also, I meet with mentees on location, for example in photographic gallery-cafe bookshops, where we can talk through projects, look at other books and visit exhibitions for inspiration.  I also like to get photobook mentees together in small groups of 4-6 people at the studio.


Working 1:1 enables direct progress to be made, while the small group sessions provide feedback and shared insights into each others' photobook projects. The feedback from other group members is fantastically insightful and generous. The group sessions also provide a vital sense of community in a photographic world in which we are expected to work alone at our computers. Collaboration is  key – besides, working together is great fun.


Depending on the nature of the book, the mentoring typically runs over a three month period, culminating in the production of the book. Before then we will have gone through all the key stages of photobook making, including concept development, picture editing, sequencing, writing any text, design, colour management, choosing materials, proofing images and hand-binding

a prototype together.


The prototype is great for feedback and once this has been discussed, and any changes made, the book is ready to print. I manage the printing of the book, working in close collaboration with the printer, drawing on our many years of our combined experience. For larger edition, offset-litho books, I print at EBS in Verona and go there to pass the book on press. Clients are

always welcome to come on press.


Early on in the photobook making process I'll put together a spreadsheet detailing the print-run production costs and anticipated revenue. The approach I adopt is to ensure every photographer can see how they will make a profit from their book. I see this as an important part of the creative development process, yet at the same time it is a challenge for almost every photographer to think there are people who will like – and want to buy – their book. And they do.


Every book has something unique to offer. The mentoring process reveals what this is and, like photography, book making is an ongoing process of development. Almost every mentee goes on to make other books, often as part of a series, seeing book making as an integral and expressive part of their photography. What better way to develop and showcase your photography?




What does the mentoring cost?

For a typical book mentoring project, I charge an across the board flat rate of £800.00 (more if the book is very involved). The print cost is separate. Every book I work on is designed and printed to a budget, so that it makes a profit for the photographer. A good profit can be made on Collector's Edition books that come with an original print.


Half the mentoring fee is payable on signing up, the other half on completion of the book.

There is no VAT on making books.




Any questions?

Please use the Contact Me form or give me a call on 07973 720 641
























As part of the book making process, we will make an Indesign mockup of the front cover (here with an additional outer sleeve). Ian decided to print his Romanian travelogue as a first edition of 50 copies, each with an original signed and numbered print.


























Another Indesign mockup of the front cover of Rudolf's book.





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